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UN: Houthis reports on damaged oil tanker” disappointing”

UN: Houthis reports on damaged oil tanker ” disappointing”

  The UN has responded to the Houthi group “Ansar Allah” in Yemen’s charges that it broke an agreement to examine and maintain the dilapidated oil tanker ” SAFER ” off the coast of Hodeidah.

“The UN is disappointed by the authorities (Ansar Allah) in Sana’a’s recent statements on the SAFER tanker situation,” said Farhan Haq, the UN’s deputy spokesman.

“The United Nations is eager to assist,” he said, “as the Security Council and everyone has been informed numerous times.” In November 2020, the United Nations and (Ansar Allah) agreed on a critical plan to assess the ship and evaluate whether the circumstances on board were safe enough to do some modest repair.” To assist in preventing oil leaks.

“From what the UN understands, the Houthis are asking for prior assurances that the UN would complete all potential light maintenance work in the mission plan,” he stated.

He went on to say: “The SAFER site is extremely risky, and there are no guarantees before examining the circumstances on board. This is also why, according to the November 2020 agreement, minimal maintenance measures on the safety environment onboard are required.”

” “The UN-led solution to SAFER starts with an evaluation, and if it is found to be safe enough, the UN will look into any other safe and quick answers to the SAFER problem,” he stated.

Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri, a member of the “Ansar Allah” group’s negotiating delegation, claimed last Sunday that “the UN has retreated from the general framework that was reached for the urgent maintenance and comprehensive evaluation of the tanker SAFER,” accusing the Arab coalition of “politically exploiting the SAFER file.”

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