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Two Egyptians returning from China suspected to be carriers of “Corona” virus

Egypt’s Minister of Civil Aviation, Mohamed Manar said that two Egyptians returning from China were suspected of catching the new Corona virus.

The Egyptian minister’s remarks came in a phone call via the Egyptian “Extra News” channel, in which he said: “Before the plane returning to Egypt yesterday take off, there were two passengers with high fever, which led to the Chinese authorities refusing to travel, despite the uncertainty of the nature of the disease, it could be Influenza is normal but refused for further precaution,”.

“The airports are waiting for the passengers to be transported to the place designated for them,” Manar added.

He continued, “The staff inside the plane have been trained in how to deal with passengers as they wear clothes suitable for this task, and there are six doctors on board who can deal with passengers in case there is any suspicion of corona infection,”.

The Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation indicated that there is comprehensive coordination between his ministry and the Ministry of Health, through the presence of quarantine doctors in all airports to deal with any Egyptian or Chinese passenger or of other nationalities who have passed through any country with cases infected with the epidemic.

The Egyptian government had announced, a few days ago, the preparation of a private plane to evacuate its citizens from the Chinese city of Wuhan, home to the outbreak of the new “Corona” virus, noting that the arrivals would be quarantined for 14 days, upon their return to the country to avoid the transmission of infection.

On Sunday, a private plane left Cairo International Airport with a medical team on board, to return the 306 Egyptians residing in the Chinese city of Wuhan, who expressed their desire to return to Egypt, fearing infection with the new Corona virus.

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