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Turki Al-Sheikh fulfills the wish of a Syrian child to meet “Ronaldo”

The Syrian child, to whom a clip spread in which he wished to visit Saudi Arabia and see “Ronaldo“, expressed his happiness at his arrival in Saudi Arabia.


He thanked the head of the Entertainment Authority, Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, for his invitation.

Al-Sheikh fulfilled his dream of meeting the world Al Nasr player, Cristiano Ronaldo.


When the anchor asked the child about his reaction when he will meet Ronaldo, he said: “I will cry.”


The Twitter account of Al-Sheikh, published a video, about the arrival of the Syrian child with his mother and siblings.


Turki wrote: “’ May Allah send the reward of the boy’s joy to King Salman and his crown prince, and to the honorable Saudi people. Today I am happy”.


The orphan Syrian child had expressed to the Emirati journalist Munther Al-Mazki; During his visit to Syria, his “wish to see the superstar Cristiano Ronaldo”.


In the meeting, the child also expressed his love for the Saudi Al-Nasr club.


Al-Mazki was part of the UAE relief campaign following the devastating earthquake that struck both Syria and Turkey.


The story goes back to a video clip that was widely spread on social media, in which the child expressed his desire to visit the Kingdom and see Ronaldo.


The child explained that “his father is dead”; Where the clip received the interaction of Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh.


Turki commented at the time, saying: “Oh, my son, and welcome to you and your mother.. O good people, who will take me there?”

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