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Tourism in the Kingdom is a breathtaking nature

   Saudi Arabia is not a desert as some believe, although it is characterized by its embrace of large areas of desert; however, it is rich in majestic mountains, plateaus, plains, valleys and green areas that catch the eye and take a breath away by being on its land.

The term desert is traded randomly to Saudi Arabia by people who did not give themselves the opportunity to visit the south of the Kingdom; they may not come to the kingdom at all, but they repeat the term without looking at the truth.

The Kingdom enjoys diversity in terms of its geographical nature, so if you tend to the desert, you will find what you want, but if you are a fan of green landscapes and clear skies, you will not make an effort to find a piece of paradise in the south of the Kingdom, as there are archaeological and coastal areas, and there are also powerful developed cities That makes you feel that you are on a land from the future.

And if you still do not know where to find the picturesque areas in the Kingdom, and do not know how to take an unrivaled and varied tour of these holy lands, then you should take an idea of ​​the most prominent areas in which you will find your destination.


Majrafa; It is a charming governorate of Tabuk governorates; You may not hear about it very often if you are from outside the Kingdom; Or a newcomer to it, as it is one of the provinces that captivate hearts when you see it, and it is called the Arab Maldives.

Umluj is located on the coasts of the Red Sea, between the cities of Al Wajh and Yanbu, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that cannot be missed in the Kingdom .

Amlaj is a diverse city in itself. It embraces picturesque islands and many monuments and ruins from the past, so do not get bored with this exclusivity.

There you can take a quick tour in which you can catch your breath among the green spaces on Duqm Corniche, which is considered one of the most important tourist attractions that overlook the coast in Umluj.

It is also possible to take a quiet tour in the port of Umluj and stroll between the beaches on nautical excursions that separate you from the crowds of cities and take you a little to another world.

And your trip will not end there, so a quick visit to the Amlaj Islands is necessary, as there are more than 100 islands, each of which has its own beauty.

If you were present in Umluj during the months of September, November, April and May; you can see both endemic and migratory birds such as gulls and hawks


It cannot be shortened when talking about Jizan; as it is a picturesque region of the first class and embraces many provinces, each of which bears its own character that affects tourists without a doubt


Among them is Fayfa Governorate, which is one of the governorates of the Jizan region and is famous for its mountains, a group of mountains wrapped around each other located in the eastern Jazan region, and the governorate is called the bride of clouds.

Fifa has its own unique climate; Due to the mountain green nature and the high altitude; Where the fog increases in the summer, which gives the beauty of that nature another beauty in Fifa.

Fifa Mountains are called (Lest of Fog); In light of these wonderful scenes, you can practice mountain climbing, or embark on a safari.

There live in the mountains of Fifa 20 tribes who have their own folk art, folk tales and myths that will undoubtedly snatch you to it, and it also embraces large green areas in the area of ​​Al-Washar, and Bokaat Al-Uther .

In Fifa, there are Khaba hot springs that are characterized by hot water rich in natural elements with a temperature of up to 45 degrees Celsius. They are used in the treatment of skin diseases, rheumatism and asthma, along with a group of popular medicinal plants.


It is one of the governorates of Jizan, and Sabya is located in the plain extending from the eastern shores of the Red Sea to the west and the Sarawat Mountains to the east .

Sabya is considered a city of history and civilization, as it has a privileged location and is rich in many existing archaeological sites, such as castles and buildings, as well as buried monuments dating back to different historical eras.

It is also distinguished by its coastal beaches that extend across a coastline estimated at 50 km approximately, and it embraces scenic tourist areas, including Ras al-Tarfa or Lisan al-Tarfa, as some call it

The lessan Al-Torfa is considered one of the tourist places that are suitable for diving, sailing, fishing, and the pleasure of seeing coral reefs and various marine plants.

If you are a fan of archaeological tourism, do not miss visiting the historical city of Aghar, Abu Dangour, and taking a tour to see the effects of Al-Mashlah.

In general, Jizan embraces many islands and tourist areas that need a long vacation to enjoy, most notably the famous Farasan Island, which is the Kingdom’s largest island attractive to tourists, in addition to Al-Marjan Island, the heritage village in Jizan, and other picturesque tourist places.

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