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The Saudi Shura Council Calls on Authority to Diversify Sources of Income

The Shura Council approved the system for protecting personal data, the freedom of information system and voted on the recommendations of the Culture Committee.

It demanded an expedition on the approval of the entertainment system project, and called on the General Entertainment Authority to measure the beneficiaries ’satisfaction with its activities, to clarify its quantitative and qualitative goals and what is achieved compared to the target.

 The results of the statistical study show the correlation of entertainment achievements with the objectives of the economic and social vision in the Kingdom’s vision.

 It stresses the need for the diversification of its sources of income to ensure its financial sustainability, and to carry out its programs and activities, as well as to define its future plans in order to reduce the deficit resulting from the establishment of events, in addition to coordination with the relevant authorities.

Regarding the report of the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, the council called for enabling the authority to achieve its strategic plan to transform Diriyah into a historical Saudi destination at the global level.

It calls on the commission to observe UNESCO’s controls in unregistered sites such as the Ghusaybah neighborhood and to deal with it as an archaeological site when rehabilitating it

 The Shura Council also asked the authority to strengthen local and foreign media and communication channels and to encourage investment in the authority’s projects, which would help it achieve its strategic objectives in favor of financial sustainability.

The committee also considered in its recommendations the necessity for the authority to determine the mechanism used to measure the comprehensiveness of its products (surveys or bulletins) for various statistical fields.

 The Shura Council stressed the importance of establishing statistical departments and units in the relevant government agencies to contribute to completing the work of the General Authority for Statistics and obtaining the required data and statistics.

It called on the authority to coordinate with the concerned authorities to add important statistical indicators such as the percentage of obesity, immunizations, infectious diseases and mental health in the family health survey in the Kingdom.
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