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The Oldest Wedding Invitation in Jeddah Since 85 Years Ago

King Abdulaziz House published a historical document for a marriage invitation card in Jeddah dating back nearly 85 years.

The house explained in its series “Historical Documents” through its official page on “Twitter”, that the invitation card dates back to the year 1354 AH – 1935 AD.

It is mentioned that sending marriage invitations through specialization cards to invitees is one of the customs of marriage in Saudi society, which has not changed over the years.

The cards represent the appreciation to the guests where the inviter share his or her pleasure and happiness with others.

Usually, wedding invitation in Saudi has known standards. For instance, the invitees come over at night starting from 9:30 pm, the dinner contain of lamp meet and rice that is cooked in a traditional way, and there is a separation between men and women.

This culture has remained the same throughout the time, and this characterizes the identity of Saudi society and norms.

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