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The Kingdom is Biggest Supporter of Yemeni Humanitarian Response

Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak affirmed the importance of the Kingdom’s pioneering role, which affects all levels in support and assistance to Yemen, stressing that the Kingdom is the largest supporter of the humanitarian response plans in Yemen.

He added that the government and people of Yemen will not forget these great fraternal gestures and the generous support provided by the brotherly Saudi nation.

He said: “Saudi Arabia has played a prominent role in helping Yemen and alleviating the humanitarian crisis experienced by the Yemeni people through its numerous contributions in support of relief efforts, support for development, economic stability and the implementation of development projects for Yemen.

 Saudi Arabia helps in providing a Saudi deposit to support the local currency and the Yemeni economy, supporting power stations with oil derivatives, and the continuation of the (Masam) project to clear Yemeni lands of landmines and live ammunition.

The Yemeni Foreign Minister expressed his regret at the Houthi escalation and targeting of civilians in the Kingdom.

He said, “The continuation of these militias in hostilities and the interest in Yemen in resuming the political process to achieve peace and security in the region is a dangerous indicator and carries negative messages.

He indicated that he was not surprised by this Houthi military escalation and its irresponsible actions and repeated attacks on civilians, whether in the Kingdom or Yemen.

This reflects the terrorist nature of the militias and their continuous and flagrant violation of international law and United Nations charters in their direct targeting of travelers and civilian objects and their threat to the security and stability of the region.

Furthermore, he pointed out that this attack indicates that the Houthi militia’s decision and political will is linked to the Iranian decision in the region, as they are tools that implement Iranian agendas in the region according to their interests.

He continued, “We reiterate our condemnation of these terrorist acts, and we affirm that the government and people of Yemen stand with the brothers in the Kingdom, and we support the Kingdom in all measures it takes to protect its lands and combat terrorism to preserve the security and stability of its lands and the safety of its citizens.”

Prisoner exchange

Regarding the legitimate government’s moves after the Houthi’s failure of the prisoner exchange negotiations round, the Yemeni foreign minister affirmed that the government pays special attention to this file.

 It is primarily a humanitarian issue, but the failure of this round is due to the Houth’s intransigence and betting on war rather than negotiations, and their continued laying down of obstacles.

Regarding their adherence to the “all for all” rule, the Foreign Minister added: “We are adhering to this principle as it is a humanitarian file and we are continuing to achieve this even through interim release. We have accepted the release of the war prisoners in exchange for the Houthis’ release of activists and kidnappers” he added. Affiliated with the legitimacy and that in the first phase, 1,056 prisoners and kidnappers were released.

 The second phase would include 301, and after agreeing on its details, the number will be expanded to include a larger number, and then there will be stages of release and exchange, leading to the release of all the kidnapped and those held captive, indicating that the Houthis are working on thwarting this rule and fragmenting it.
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