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The Correlation Between Sugar and Weight Loss

The researcher in the field of carcinogens, Dr. Fahad Al-Khudairi, explained the relationship between sugar and weight loss and its effect on human health, advising everyone to quit using white sugar permanently.

Dr. Al-Khudairi said during the intervention with the Al-Akhbariya channel, that obesity that results from eating sugars indirectly has caused many diseases, including heart, atherosclerosis, rheumatism and breast cancer, indicating that the solution is the trend towards natural sugar extracted.
From fruits, vegetables, and honey.

He added that the sugary substitutes found in the shops have very serious damage to the body, as they cause Alzheimer’s, nerve problems, and liver fat, indicating that drinking tea and coffee without sugar several times makes it normal for a person after that.

He pointed out that eating sugar affects the freshness of the body, exhausts its vital organs, such as the kidneys and liver, and causes constipation, calling for leaving white sugar and using natural alternatives.

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