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The Biden Administration Pledges to Hold Accountable Those Who Attack KSA

US President Says his country to defend Taiwan militarily if China invades it

The administration of the new US President, Joe Biden, announced in its first official statement regarding its relations with Saudi Arabia, that it will help the kingdom to hold accountable all those who launch attacks on its soil.

The US State Department, issued a statement last Sunday, that “the United States condemns the recent attack that targeted the Saudi capital, Riyadh,” adding: “We are gathering additional information, but it seems that what happened is an attempt to target the population.”

The ministry continued, “As we work to reduce tension in the region through principled diplomacy, including ending the war in Yemen, we will also help our Saudi partner to defend from attacks on its soil and hold accountable those who try to undermine its stability.”

The Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, expressed his country’s optimism that its relations with the US would be “excellent” in light of the start of the mandate of the new American president.

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