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Tabuk Literary Club Announces Ramadan Contest

The Tabuk Literary Club, a beacon of culture in the Tabuk region, has unveiled its latest initiative. Today, the club announced its annual Ramadan contest for the year 1445H. This creative competition splits into two main categories: poetry and prose, offering a platform for literary expression.

Unleashing Creativity within Boundaries

In this year’s contest, the club has chosen three poignant themes. They focus on the Holy Quran, the blessed month of Ramadan, and the holy city of Mecca, known as “Al-Balad Al-Ameen”. These themes invite participants to delve deep into their faith and cultural heritage. Each submission, whether poetry or prose, must reflect these themes through classical Arabic language. Moreover, this requirement emphasizes the beauty and depth of traditional linguistic expression.

The rules are clear: poetry entries should not go beyond ten lines. Prose or free verse poetry must be kept under twenty lines. This constraint also challenges writers to convey profound messages within a limited framework, enhancing the contest’s allure.

Reward for Reflection and Talent

The prize pool totals 10,000 Riyals, a significant sum that highlights the club’s commitment to nurturing talent. Moreover, the allocation of prizes is designed to reward the top three submissions. With 5,000 Riyals for first place, 3,000 Riyals for second, and 2,000 Riyals for the third, the club aims to encourage wide participation. The competition is exclusively open to nationals, fostering a sense of community and pride.

The submission deadline is the 10th of Ramadan, 1445H. This gives participants ample time to reflect on the themes and craft their entries. Additionally, the club’s initiative is not merely a contest. It is a call to explore the depths of one’s faith and cultural identity through the art of writing.

Cultivating Literary Excellence

In conclusion, the Tabuk Literary Club stands as a pillar of the cultural community. Through this contest, it seeks to inspire literary excellence. Encouraging writers to embrace spirituality in literature serves a dual purpose. It enriches the cultural tapestry of the Kingdom and celebrates the holy month of Ramadan in a unique and meaningful way.

Participants are urged to seize this opportunity. It’s a chance to showcase their talents and contribute to the rich literary tradition of the region. The Tabuk Literary Club’s Ramadan contest is set to be a highlight of the cultural calendar.

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