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Sudan reaches “Framework agreement” to end ongoing political deadlock

Sudan reaches "Framework agreement" to end ongoing political deadlock

The political forces and the military component in Sudan signed on Monday a framework agreement to establish a civilian transitional authority, which stipulates the integration of the Rapid Support Forces within specific timetables, the prohibition of the formation of militias and outlaw groups, and that all military companies be subject to the prime minister and the mandate of the Ministry of Finance, in addition to implementing policies related to reforming the military system.


The Sudanese framework agreement specified “the transitional period of two years from the moment of appointing a prime minister, to be followed by the organization of elections in the country.”

The agreement also stipulated that “the prime minister is the one who appoints the director of the intelligence service,” and that “the regular forces are the armed forces, the Rapid Support Forces, and the police.”

The former director of the National Authority for Radio and Television, Luqman Ahmed, read the texts of the framework agreement, which emphasized “respect for the will of the people in a civil government,” in addition to “working to stop economic decline according to a comprehensive development approach that takes into account the poor and marginalized,” and “the appointment of the prime minister,” through independent commissions.

He added that “a comprehensive process will be launched to draft the proposed constitution under the supervision of the Constitutional Drafting Commission, and that the military institution recognizes civilian rule and the head of state is the supreme commander of the armed forces.”

It also stipulates that “the transitional period shall be 24 months, starting from the date of choosing the prime minister.”

The agreement also provides for the independence and professionalism of state institutions, such as the judiciary, education, regular and specialized forces, and the civil service. In addition, it combats corruption and establishes principles of transparency and accountability.

The Rapid Support Forces will also be “integrated into the armed forces, and any armed formations outside the framework of the law and the state will be banned,” in addition to “appointing regional governments in consultation with the signatories to the political declaration.”

The framework agreement includes the dismantling of the “June 30” regime (former President Omar al-Bashir’s regime) that hijacked the state and its institutions, in addition to “that security and military reform be the priority of the framework agreement,” according to the provisions of the agreement.

The US and its partners welcomed the framework agreement and urged all parties to make an effort to conclude negotiations on a post-conflict civilian-led government.

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