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Experts, The Social Media in 2021

Experts in the field of technology and information expect and predict that social media in 2021 will witness a major development in the use of social media in advertising and marketing operations.

This comes after those methods became more common and used by billions of people, representing about 80% of the planet’s population.

They said that social media in 2021 would sell brand coverage, interaction, and exposure and sell very tangible direct sales indicators. Advertisers will focus over the next year on mobile phone users.

The experts indicated that communication through social media in 2021 would be an online representation of a person or company, forming a personal brand.

social media

On the presence of the “videos” in social media, experts emphasized that video information and graphics have always been more common than text, which is why Instagram and Pinterest have been developing the activity for marketing purposes.

For the geographic’s social services, experts said that companies have noticed tools such as (Nextdoor) and are actively using them to promote products.

Most of the marketing campaigns will be through social media in 2021, including: “monitoring media and blogs, improving targeted advertising campaigns on social media, improving the community and blog leadership, and analyzes (social, demographic and traffic analysis).”

Likewise, HR professionals will also turn to social media when searching for candidates for a specific position, forming an idea from the candidate, obtaining a complete profile, and communicating with colleagues and former managers.

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