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Seizures of Al-Zawahiri reveal his eccentric and contradictory secrets

Seizures of Al-Zawahiri reveal his eccentric and contradictory secrets

Details were made public indicating Al Zawahiri’s in the 1981 assassination of President al-Sadat during investigations with the extreme groups involved, which were included in the papers of Case No. 462, the Supreme State Security Survey 1981.

According to the confessions of organization members in the case, Ayman al-Zawahiri was an eccentric, contradictory and hesitant personality and had violent tendencies and hasty revenge without verifying the authenticity of what was being said to him.

 He lost his cohesion and stability when pressure was put on him, which prompted him to confess to his colleagues and those closest to him, Issam al-Qamary, a dismissed officer from the Egyptian army, and Aboud al-Zumar, a former officer as well.

Hassan al-Banna and Minhaj Sayyid Qutb

The seizures of Ayman al-Zawahiri, which the security services found during the process of his arrest, revealed details about his culture, his ideas, and his complex relations with the elements of the organization.

In 1982, the Egyptian security services found a large carton in al-Zawahiri’s house at the moment of his arrest. It contained large numbers of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Dawah magazine.

It also contained other issues of the Soviet military magazine that was published in Moscow and included articles on the latest weapons and ammunition, combat training, and guerrilla wars.

 He also found a book entitled “The Flags with the Rules of Islam” which discusses the topics of infidelity and takfir, a book entitled “In History, an Idea and a Platform” by Sayyid Qutb, another book entitled “Voice of Truth” and another entitled “Soldiers of Call”.

His seizures also included a book entitled “The Brotherhood and the Egyptian Society”, written by Muhammad Shawqi Zaki, and a book entitled “The Beliefs of Hassan Al-Banna.”

Special files were also found with paper clips from Egyptian newspapers covering President Sadat’s visits outside Egypt, as well as clippings from the late president’s speeches.

Infantry Tactics

The seizures revealed Al-Zawahiri’s relationship, since his early youth, with military training, as a handwritten note entitled “Tactics at the Level of Infantry Brigades” was found in his possession.

 It included military details and information about the role of “infantry battalions” in defensive battles, the offensive, the conduct of battles, and administrative aid for them.

US officials had confirmed the killing of Al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan Ayman Al-Zawahiri in an air strike launched by US intelligence in Afghanistan at the weekend.

Al-Zawahiri assumed the leadership of the organization following the killing of bin Laden by US forces on May 2, 2011.

Since then, he has been able to escape persecution by hiding in the mountainous areas along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan until America announced his death.

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