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Security Council and Houthi threat to international security

Saudi Arabia confirmed that the Houthi militia’s targeting of civilian infrastructure and threats to innocent civilians is a heinous war crime for which they must be held accountable under international humanitarian law, and it called on the Security Council to take responsibility for the Houthi militia’s threats to international security.

In a letter to the Security Council, Saudi Arabia’s permanent representative, Ambassador Abdullah Al-Mouallimi, stated that the Kingdom is taking all necessary measures to safeguard its territories and ensure the safety of its inhabitants and residents, in line with its duties under the UN Charter.

Al-Mouallimi stated that the international community’s failure to take stringent actions against these militias, particularly the Security Council, sends the incorrect message to the Houthis, encouraging them to continue destabilizing regional and international security.

Gulf, Arab, and Islamic nations have also denounced Houthi terrorist attacks, highlighting the Houthi militia’s continuous targeting of civilian infrastructure and innocent civilians at airports in the Kingdom’s southern area.

In separate statements, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the Muslim World League condemned and denounced the attempted bombing of King Abdullah Airport in Jazan, stating that targeting civilian and vital facilities is an act of sabotage that violates all international laws and threatens international security.

After being attacked by a Houthi drone, which was met by air defenses, air traffic at King Abdullah Airport in southern Saudi Arabia resumed to normal (Saturday), hours after a similar incident that injured ten citizensn and airport passengers.

The coalition announced that it destroyed a second booby-trapped drone that attempted to target civilians at King Abdullah Airport, and confirmed that 10 civilians were injured as a result on Friday evening. The aggressive effort resulted in minor property damage and damaged the glass of several of the airport’s façade.

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