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SDAIA Holds Workshop on AI Role in Media

Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) held a workshop to discuss the role of AI in media industry and its impact on digital media future. During participation at the activities of the Saudi Media Forum in its third edition, the workshop held as a digital enabler of the forum.  Saudi Journalists Association in Riyadh also participated in the workshop.

Discussions during the Workshop

In addition, CEO of Data Offices at SDAIA, Dr. Khaled Al-Hazmi, and the General Supervisor of the Data Management Office, Dr. Dhafer Al-Halafi, discussed many topics during the workshop. The topics included the impact of generative artificial intelligence as well as the pros and cons of artificial intelligence.

They also talked about the role of artificial intelligence as a driver of innovation in media tools, and artificial intelligence using in media ethics. Furthermore, the workshop comes in line with SDAIA efforts to enhance education and awareness of developments in the field of AI.


SDAIA Holds workshop on AI Role in Media

SDAIA’s Partners, Programs and Initiatives

In line with its commitment to fostering collaboration, SDAIA has been actively engaging with international partners and industry leaders to exchange knowledge, and expertise in the field of data and AI.

Furthermore, SDAIA has been instrumental in driving the development of a vibrant ecosystem for startups and technology innovation. The authority has launched several programs and initiatives to support and nurture homegrown talent.


Artificial intelligence (AI) Impact On Media Industry

Artificial intelligence has expanded significantly in recent years, especially in 2015. Thanks to the advent of graphics processing units that can perform faster and cheaper processing with unlimited storage speed.

There is hardly a profession or field of work to which artificial intelligence has not been introduced. It encompasses industry, education, health, and media. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in collecting and analyzing data at record speed. AI also produces interactive content that is easy to present on social media sites in a way that is more attractive to the public.



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