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Saudis prefer audiobooks more at the Riyadh Book Fair

Strong demand for audiobooks was observed during the Riyadh International Book Fair as guests flocked to publishers offering podcasts.

Podcast services have become an alternative, for some, to electronic and paper books, especially in times when it is difficult to freely read.

Ahmed Rowaihel, one of the affiliates of kitab al sawti said: The demand for audiobooks has increased in the Arab world after it was a Western phenomenon.

This application displays more than 20,000 audiobooks in Arabic, and nearly 60,000 books in English.

The idea of ​​this application was initially aimed at providing Arabic books to the Arab communities in Sweden.

After that, the application expanded and spread in some Arab countries, as well as in Europe and America, and its goal is to provide a large number of Arabic books.

It is worth mentioning that Swedish businessmen Sebastian Bond and Anton Pollack founded the “Kitab Audio” application in 2016 and since then, it has become one of the world’s largest audio books specializing in Arabic.

This platform works with more than 100 professional narrators in a network of studios in the Arab region to produce the largest number of audiobooks.

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