Saudi Zakat Authority allows import of single-use electronic cigarettes for persons


Saudi Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority said recently that an adult traveler can import 25 single-use electronic cigarettes for him.


The authority also allowed the import of single-use electronic cigarettes, with a maximum of 125 devices every three months per person.


The authority advised reviewing the Integrated Customs Tariff to find out the procedures for imported goods through the link.

History of limiting the purchase of cigarettes in Saudi Arabia


Prior to 2010, Saudi Arabia did not have official policies banning or restricting smoking.


In 2010, KSA restricted smoking at airports as well as at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


After that, the public authorities and agencies imposed a ban on smoking, and in 2011 Umm Al-Qura University also imposed restrictions on smoking.


Then, in 2012, Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz banned smoking in government buildings (public and private) and in most public places.


-The ban was only inside buildings, not around. The law also prohibited the purchase of tobacco products for persons under the age of 18.


Later in the same year, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities banned all forms of smoking in and around tourism centers such as hotels, travel agencies, and others.


In 2016 KSA issued a decree banning smoking near religious places (mosques), as well as places of education, and facilities related to health or sports, processing, and manufacturing plants.


Saudi Arabia also banned smoking in all forms of public transportation and in charitable institutions.


The new ban also clarified that smoking is not permitted in private or public government facilities.


The decree issued by the kingdom also urged government agencies at all levels to make as great an effort as possible to prevent as much smoking as possible, including by banning the cultivation and processing of tobacco.


Saudi Arabia has also limited the way tobacco is sold: cigarettes must only be sold in packs.


KSA prohibited to sell of cigarettes in public transport facilities and all vending machines.

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