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In 25 days on a camel| A Saudi traveler takes the ancient pilgrimage route

In 25 days| A Saudi traveler takes the ancient pilgrimage route on a “camel”

The Saudi traveler Othman Al-Shaheen published a video of him on his official page on the social networking site “Twitter”, documenting his trip to Makkah Al-Mukarramah on “Camel”.

A Saudi traveler set out 25 days ago, riding his camel to Mecca, through the ancient pilgrimage routes, covering more than 675 km to perform Hajj and circumambulating historical sites during his journey.

The 50-year-old Saudi traveler, Othman Al-Shaheen, started his journey from his residence in Khamis Mushait and traveled 675 km to Mecca within 25 days.

During his trip, Al-Shaheen passed several archaeological places, including the Elephant Road, and the villages of Thamoudia. In the video, Al-Shaheen said that he had gained a lot of experiences during his trip, and that it was a trip that included culture and history. He added that he did not regret his decision to embark on the journey on a camel back because he greatly enjoyed this trip.

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