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Saudi Students Connect with Teachers on Madrasati during School Closures


Today, the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia announced a suspension of school activities in several regions due to unstable weather conditions. This has shifted the attention of parents and students to the Madrasati platform, a vital tool for online learning.

Madrasati: A Comprehensive Learning Platform

Madrasati has emerged as the official platform for over six million students across Saudi Arabia, facilitating learning in more than 250,000 virtual classrooms daily. It is accessible not only to students but also to 525,000 teachers, parents, school leaders, and educational supervisors.

Steps to Access Madrasati

1. Visit the Madrasati platform through [this link].
2. Enter the designated email address.
3. Type in the password.
4. Access the virtual classrooms.
5. Click on the link for the recorded lesson to watch the class.
6. For live virtual classes, select the option to attend an unrecorded session.
7. Once logged in, you will be directed to the virtual classroom.
8. Click “Join”.
9. Wait for the teacher to accept the request before joining the session.

Connecting via Tawakkalna App

The Tawakkalna app provides an alternative way for students and parents to register on the Madrasati platform:

1. Download the Tawakkalna app from your phone’s app store.
2. Open the app and select “Platform Data”.
3. Fill in the required information such as age, full name, mobile number, etc.
4. You will receive a text message containing a secret code to access the platform.
5. Enter the secret code and click the “Register” button to log in.

The school suspension in Saudi Arabia has underscored the importance of having reliable online learning platforms like Madrasati.

By following the outlined steps, students, teachers, and parents can ensure that education continues uninterrupted, fostering a resilient and adaptable learning environment.

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