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Saudi State Security declares various terrorist organizations

The Presidency of State Security in Saudi Arabia said in a statement on Monday that the member states of the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center (TFTC), including the Kingdom, announced the designation of 13 individuals and 3 entities belonging to “various terrorist organizations.”

The TFTC includes the GCC countries and the US.

It highlights the importance of Gulf-American cooperation in counter-terrorism efforts at the regional and international levels, in a way that contributes to supporting security and stability in the world.

The list of terrorist organizations to which the 16 names have been designated includes the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and its proxies in the region, led by the Lebanese Hezbollah, the terrorist organization ISIS and the terrorist group Boko Haram.

The targeted names included (3) individuals for their association with the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and the terrorist organization “Hezbollah”.

In addition, (4) individuals and one company were designated for their association with the terrorist organization “ISIS”, and (6) individuals for providing financial assistance to members of the organization in Nigeria.

This classification means freezing all funds and assets belonging to the classified names, and it is prohibited to carry out any direct or indirect dealings with them, for their benefit or on their behalf, by financial institutions, designated non-financial professions, and businesses.

Boko Haram

This organization is active in all countries of the Lake Chad Basin (Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, and Niger), where it carries out bloody attacks and kidnappings of civilians.
Since its emergence in northeastern Nigeria in 2009, about 350,000 people have been killed and millions displaced, according to UN estimates.

This terrorist organization emerged from the Iraqi branch of al-Qaeda that was founded in 2004, and flourished in Iraq from 2006, and then in Syria in the wake of the chaos resulting from the protests that erupted in 2011.

ISIS members, which claim to aim at restoring the “Islamic Caliphate and applying Sharia”, are practicing brutal practices that deviate from any faith or religion, such as beheading, enslavement, and mass murder.

Since 2014, the international coalition against ISIS succeeded in seizing all the lands that the terrorist organization controlled in Iraq and Syria. Thanks to these international efforts, the group’s ability to plan attacks, attract foreign fighters, and obtain funding has been significantly reduced.

Revolutionary Guards

The IRGC is the military unit responsible for Iran’s foreign operations, with arms such as the Quds Force that train and equip proxies to target US forces, their interests, and their partners.

The Quds Force is considered a tool of Iranian terrorism abroad, and one of its most important undeclared functions is to eradicate those whom Iran considers its enemies and to provide support and training for armed battalions and armed groups with absolute loyalty to Tehran, which is sectarian militias.

The designation of a “foreign terrorist organization” also provides victims of IRGC terrorism with a special right to take action in federal courts to hold the IRGC accountable.

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