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Saudi-led coalition destroys quality weapons depots in Sana’a

The Saudi Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen stated that the operation in Sana’a last Saturday was an immediate response to an attempt to transfer weapons from Camp Al-Tashrafat.

The coalition confirmed the destruction of warehouses for specific weapons in Camp Tashreef, stressing the need for the Houthis to start removing weapons from civilian objects protected under international humanitarian law.

Earlier today, the coalition announced the implementation of precise airstrikes on legitimate military targets in Sanaa in response to the threat.

The coalition asked civilians not to congregate or approach the Tashrifat Camp in Sana’a.

In addition, he indicated that the operation in Sana’a is following international humanitarian law and its customary rules.

Last Friday, the coalition confirmed that it had destroyed arms transfers in the capital, Sanaa, after monitoring them.

He added that the implementation of the operation came in response to the threat and the principle of military necessity, calling on civilians not to gather or approach the target site in Sana’a.

He also added that the Houthis transferred qualitative weapons to the Al-Tashrafat camp during the coalition deadline, pointing out that 9 weapons stores were destroyed in the camp after the weapons were transferred to it.

He emphasized that the operation was in line with international humanitarian law and its customary rules.

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