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Saudi Information ministry launches Media Excellence Award for a national day

In collaboration with the Tourism Authority, the Saudi Ministry of Information crowned the winning entries from entities and individuals with the Media Excellence Award for National Day 2022. This was in its third edition on Wednesday evening.


Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Information, Majed Al-Qasabi, has announced that the award will become an annual award in its next edition as the “Media Excellence Award.” It also aims to celebrate all national creative works throughout the year. It also aims to provide more opportunities for all male and female creators across the country to participate, rather than being limited to a specific occasion.


This year, 30 entries were chosen from a total of 1,000 submitted by the government, private, non-profit, and individual sectors to compete on the award’s nine tracks with various creative works to commemorate the 92nd National Day.


The media campaign award was given to the Local Content and Governmental Procurement Authority for the work “Our Ghee is in Our Flour.” The photograph “The Falcon and Falcons” by Hamad Al-Aqili won the photographic award. The private sector video award was given to the “Half Million” company for the work “Obayya Sees Its Glory.”


The Mohammed bin Salman Foundation (Misk) won the award for non-profit video for the work “A Home is Present for You,” while Dr. Thawab Al-Subaie, a social networking site activist, won the award for creative material in digital media for individuals for the work “It is our home, and it is also their home.” According to Al-Riyadh newspaper, the participation of “Riyadh, the capital of the king… History is written here,” won the award for excellent coverage.


The TV Producer Award was presented to the Radio and Television Authority for the documentary film “The Saudi Arda,” while the Radio and Podcast Award was awarded to the Al-Qafila Magazine podcast for the episode “Science… A Symbol of Pride and Pride.” The song “We Sing for the Homeland” from Aramco’s “Ithraa” initiative won the National Song Award. The Tourism Development Fund was awarded the Tourism Film Award in the Entities category for a work titled “People of Tourism,” while the Individuals category in the same track was withheld.


The award was created to recognize individuals who have significantly impacted Saudi media and culture. They are the poet Ibrahim Khafaji, the artist Muhammad Abdo, the photographer Bandar Al-Jaloud, and the French photographer Chekov Minoza, who wrote the words to the national anthem.

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