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Saudi Falcons, Hunting Exhibition Ends


The International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition in Saudi Arabia recently concluded its fifth edition, spanning over ten days.

The event attracted over 550,000 visitors from both within and outside the Kingdom.

The exhibition showcased a diverse range of activities related to falconry, hunting, camping, and falcon breeding.

Diverse and Engaging Exhibition

According to Walid Al-Taweel, the official spokesperson for the Saudi Falcon Club, the exhibition’s diverse range of activities played a significant role in attracting citizens, residents, diplomats, and tourists alike.

The event featured various government and private sector entities, highlighting their roles, activities, achievements, and initiatives related to falconry and associated hobbies.

Preserving Heritage and Promoting Culture

The International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition has become a seasonal destination for falcon enthusiasts and a cultural and recreational hub for families.

This event has also emerged as an important economic driver, showcasing Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage and passing down traditional practices to future generations.

Promoting Falconry , Associated Hobbies

The exhibition introduced new activities and pavilions aimed at promoting the art of falconry.

Over 20 pavilions were dedicated to showcasing and selling firearms, camping equipment, modified cars, motorcycles, and air guns.

An exclusive section called “The Falconer of the Future” catered specifically to children, allowing them to explore the world of falconry through interactive displays.

Additionally, the digital “Shalail Museum” took visitors on an educational journey into the world of falconry.

Expert Recommendations

The Saudi Falcon Club, in collaboration with renowned falconry specialists, issued several recommendations during the exhibition. These recommendations focused on protecting falcons and their prey.

The club also announced the upcoming King Abdulaziz Falcon Festival, the largest event of its kind in the world.

This festival, scheduled from November 28th to December 14th, will feature competitions and showcases for hundreds of falconers from Saudi Arabia and around the globe.

The International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition in Saudi Arabia has successfully concluded its fifth edition, attracting a significant number of visitors and promoting the rich heritage of falconry.

the exhibition has become a significant platform for falcon enthusiasts and a source of pride for Saudi Arabia.

Looking ahead, the King Abdulaziz Falcon Festival promises to be an extraordinary event, further solidifying the Kingdom’s position as a global hub for falconry.

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