Saudi Arabia to host the Saudi International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition (ISFHE)

Arms pavilion at the Saudi International Falcons and Hunting Exhibition ISFHE is preparing to receive its visitors with a new version, bearing surprises, competitive prices, and rare weapons.


The exhibition opens its doors to visitors at the headquarters of the Saudi Falcons Club in Mulham (north of Riyadh) next Thursday until 3 September.


The exhibition will be held in conjunction with the international auction of falcon production farms


The exhibition includes facilities granted to buyers of weapons and represented the ability to order weapons from the club’s website after fulfilling the eligibility conditions for purchase.


The ISFHE made a great effort in organizing the exhibition and allocating a large area for the weapons pavilion.


It is noteworthy that ISFHE, in its third edition, achieved huge arms sales amounting to 200 million riyals, through the sale of 110,000 weapons and ammunition.


Seven Saudi companies displayed 54 different brands; including light pneumatic weapons, hunting weapons, and ammunition in their different calibers.

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