Saudi Education Ministry bans mobile phones in schools

The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia issued a decision to permanently ban the use of smartphones inside the school.

 It said in a statement: “the ministry issued a decision to ban the use of mobile phones permanently inside the school.”

It obligated the school administration to follow up on daily updates of the health status of its employees and students on the “Tawakkalna Web” website, in the service of “We learn with caution.”

It required the new student, the transferee, or the recovering student to submit a printed copy of the case in the “Tawakulna” system or send a copy of it to the school administration.

The ministry indicated that the school administration can make an exception from the prohibition of bringing the mobile phone for necessity according to its discretion.

It also excluded the case of students whose health conditions require bringing the mobile phone to school, provided that it is kept with the school administration.

The Ministry affirmed that it is forbidden for all education staff, students, their parents, and others to take pictures in schools and educational facilities at all, as it is a legal violation.

It is also accused of complying with the instructions and controls issued by the Public Prosecution via its official website, following the rules, regulations, and instructions.

The Ministry of Education had decided to allow students to bring smartphones into schools during the first week of the beginning of the school year as a temporary measure to achieve preparation and readiness during the past days while entering their schools.

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