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Saudi Arabia: Winners of “Cultural Ideas” Marathon

Description: السعودية.. الفائزون في ماراثون "الأفكار الثقافية"

The Saudi Ministry of Culture announced the names of the three winning ideas in the “Cultural Ideas” marathon – the Idyathon – where the first place was achieved with the idea of ​​the “Land Identity Festival” with a prize worth 150,000 riyals.

The second place was the idea of ​​the “Pride Event” and its prize is 100,000 riyals. The idea of ​​”Saudi Sense Festival” is in third place with a prize of 50,000 riyals.

The Ministry of Culture had organized the “Cultural Ideas” marathon by default for about a month from December 29, 2020 to January 26, 2021.

It is one of the programs for achieving the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision, in which innovators, entrepreneurs and companies specializing in cultural events and festivals and participated in it to present new ideas.

Many innovative events were presented serving 11 cultural sectors: museums, films, heritage, fashion, libraries, literature and publishing, culinary arts, visual arts, architecture and design, theater and performing arts, and music.

The marathon was widely attended by those interested, as the number of participants reached 1,129, including 842 participants in the field of creative ideas, and 286 with experience.

 The Cultural Ideas Marathon witnessed the participation of more than 15 professional mentors who provided support to the participants during the ideas development stage, with more than 167 mentoring sessions, and over 90 questions answered. The marathon concluded its journey with 68 participants in 20 teams.

The Ministry of Culture aims to organize a marathon of cultural ideas to provide an opportunity for specialists in cultural events and festivals, to participate with their ideas, support and help develop them, in addition to creating a vital field for generating creative ideas.

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