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Saudi Arabia welcomes the exchange of ambassadors between US and Sudan

Taha Sakr

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the announcement by the US and Sudan to exchange ambassadors between them, after a diplomatic vacuum that lasted for more than two decades.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, the Saudi Foreign Ministry stated that the appointment of an US ambassador to Sudan is considered a clear understanding from Washington of the important stage that Sudan is going through, which requires concerted efforts between the two countries , building constructive and fruitful relations in all fields and at the highest levels.

 The Saudi Foreign Ministry added that this step is representing a support of the transitional government in Sudan formed on August 21, 2019, and contributes to building solid bridges of relations.

It also noted that this step will restore the vitality and strength of relations between the two countries, it will also help in removing the name of Sudan from terrorism-sponsoring countries and lifting all economic sanctions, rebuild state institutions and recover from the crisis that Sudan has gone through.

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