Saudi Arabia, Turkey Cooperate in Tourism Sector

Deputy Turkish President, Cevdet Yılmaz, has emphasized boosting tourism cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Tourism development is an important driver of growth for the future of  both Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys vibrant and diverse tourist destination with a rich heritage and warm hospitality. On the other hand,  Turkey’s tourism is focused largely on a various historical sites, and on seaside resorts along its Aegean and Mediterranean Sea coasts.

Growing Numbers

Yılmaz noted a significant 70% surge in Saudi tourists visiting Turkey in 2023. He said the the number reached around 830,000.

Bilateral Discussions

Yılmaz held discussion with Saudi Tourism Minister Ahmed Al-Khatib. Their talks centered on increasing the flow of Turkish visitors to Saudi Arabia.

صورة مقال السياحة في تركيا

Mutual Agreement

Both Turkey and Saudi Arabia reached a consensus on the importance of evaluating tourism opportunities and enhancing economic cooperation.

Future Prospects

The close political dialogue  between the two countries fosters optimism for enhanced cooperation efforts in the future. Turkey continues to offer substantial opportunities for Saudi investors, reciprocated by Saudi Arabia’s facilitation of a conducive investment climate.

Optimistic Projections

It is worthy to note that Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, the Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister, expressed hope for a significant influx of one million Saudi tourists in Turkey by 2024.

Visa Policies Impact

Both Saudi Arabia and Turkey have recently adopted changes in visa policies aim to streamline processes and increase the flow of tourists.

أفضل مكان للسكن في طرابزون

Forum Highlights

Equally important, the Turkish-Saudi Investment and Business Forum, hosted in Istanbul, witnessed extensive participation from both nations. During the forum, representatives of both countries affirmed the need to strengthen economic, tourism, and investment ties, tapping into available opportunities to enhance collaboration across various sectors.

Diverse Participation

Consequently, the forum saw the attendance of notable figures from various sectors in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, including ministers and economic officials, highlighting the breadth of engagement and collaboration.


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