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Saudi Arabia signs an investment contract for the first coffee-growing city in it

For 15 years, the Saudi Agriculture Ministry signed an investment contract for the Kingdom’s first coffee city.

This approach, according to the ministry, aims to attain agricultural product and crop sufficiency while also encouraging agricultural investment movement.

The ministry indicated that the project includes planting 300,000 Arabic coffee and pomegranate trees with high productivity.

The project will be located in the village of Ma’shuqa in the Al-Qura Governorate of the Al-Baha region, with a total area of 1,662,373 square meters, according to the statement.

It’s worth noting that the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture is aiming to expand Arabica coffee production, manufacturing, and marketing.

The regions of Jazan, Al Baha, and Asir are among the most important and most cultivated regions for coffee in the Kingdom.

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