Saudi Arabia: Red twilights on Shada Mountain

A Saudi photographer captured the splendor of “Red Twilight” above Shada Mountain in Saudi Arabia.  He took the eye-catching images at a height of 1,700 square meters above sea level.

In that charming area, the camera lenses captured the moments of sunset and the sun’s farewell, in mesmerizing sceneries of the emotions.

Shada Mountain is located in the Al-Makhwah Governorate of the Al-Baha region in southwestern Saudi Arabia.

In a statement to “Al,” photojournalist “Ali Al-Shadawi” noted that “Al-Makhwah” lives in a lovely atmosphere during these days, therefore he chose to climb the Shada Mountain before sun rise to capture the twilight images.

He added, “I love documenting the moments of sunset and sunrise, as they are considered the golden hours for photographers, and the best time to photograph, whether it is in the sun, or to photograph people or landscapes.”

The golden hour or the magic hour in photography is the short period after sunrise or before sunset, when the daylight is redder and softer than the sun.

It is mentioned that the red twilight is what is known as the redness that occurs after sunset.

The absence of red twilight for Muslims also determines the time of the evening prayer.

Scientists have been able to explain the phenomenon of twilight, which has remained unknown for centuries. When the sun’s rays fall on the Earth’s atmosphere, it penetrates the small ice crystals in the atmosphere, and the light dissolves through it into the seven colors of the light spectrum.

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