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Saudi Arabia Participates in Year of Camelids Exhibition in Geneva

The Saudi Ministry of Culture is participating in the Saudi Exhibition for the International Year of Camelids 2024, held in partnership between Saudi Arabia and Bolivia at the UN Office in Geneva, from June 25-28, 2024.

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the Exhibition aims to highlight camel status and role as a significant economic resource and precious culture heritage.

More than 13 government and private entities are participating in the Exhibition. They showcase locally manufactured camel products and their importance in achieving food security, as well as camel-derived leather, medical and cosmetic products.

Through its participation, the Saudi Ministry of Culture aims to introduce the Year of Camelids 2024 initiative and highlight the cultural value of camels for Saudi citizens. Moreover, it aims to emphasize camels’ crucial economic role and the care they receive in the Kingdom through various national initiatives.

For this purpose, the Saudi Culture Ministry will present diversified cultural content about camels and their unique relationship with Saudis throughout history.

Saudi Arabia has made significant progress in raising community awareness about camels, their role in providing food and livelihoods for their breeders; encouraging increased productivity; and combating diseases and epidemics that affect camels and vaccinating them.

Furthermore, the Kingdom has made major strides towards promoting camel products to raise the income of breeders and improve their living standards, and cooperating with international bodies to develop and update all regulations and laws related to camel activities.

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