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Saudi Arabia moves towards digital goverment work

Saudi Arabia moves towards digital government work

The Saudi Digital Government Authority has asked all government agencies to register their existing digital platforms and websites on the authority’s website within 90 days, to regulate digital government work, improving the beneficiary’s experience, ensuring quality, maximizing the benefit of existing assets and investment efficiency, and achieving integration between government agencies.

The authority stated on June 30 that the governance of developing digital platforms and new government websites, as well as raising applications and registering platforms, will begin.

Within the consequences, the authority also announced the commencement of activating the administration of government domains and suspending 106 dormant domains as a first step (.SA .GOV.SA. ORG.SA, .EDU.SA).

Domains that are inactive or in violation of the established regulations will be gradually suspended, with a deadline for government entities to reply and object before the domains are permanently terminated.

This attempts to keep government domains on the Internet under control. It helps to organize digital government activity and contributes to easing processes and convenience of access by ensuring the integrity of domain records, preserving the rights of registered businesses, and linking them to government agencies’ platforms and websites.

Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Suwayan, the Governor of the Digital Government Authority, explained that the authority aims to regulate the work of the digital government by issuing some regulations and applying them to the governance of digital platforms and websites.

It will be able to provide dependable digital services with high efficiency, to contribute to meeting the needs of beneficiaries in all safety and reliability, stressing that the authority will analyze and study existing platforms, applications, and websites after they have been registered following the regulations issued for platform governance and the regulatory framework for the world.

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