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Saudi Arabia monitors a 4.1-magnitude earthquake southeast of its territory

The National Seismic Monitoring Network of the Saudi Geological Survey monitors an earthquake in the southeast of the Kingdom.


The earthquake in the Kingdom had a magnitude of 4.1 on the Richter scale and a depth of 16 km, this morning at 7:55 local time.


The official spokesman for the Saudi Geological Survey, Tariq Aba Al-Khail, said that this earthquake is about 240 km from the Saudi border in the eastern part of the Sultanate of Oman.


He stated that, based on the results of the seismic intensity map, the tremor does not have any effect on Saudi lands.


Tariq assured that the earthquake is not dangerous due to the distance of the tremor site at the aforementioned distance.


He said that the authority follows, monitors, and monitors earthquakes and works to analyze them and determine the sources and ranges of seismic activity.


The authority uses 291 seismic monitoring stations spread in a scientific way to cover all regions of the Kingdom.

The main reason for the occurrence of earthquakes in the world is the formation of the earth’s interior and its rocks under the earth’s crust.


The presence of cracks in the ground is one of the main causes of earthquakes in the world.


Saudi lands contain many faults spread in all its places, which leads to its exposure to the occurrence of strong and moderate earthquakes.


Is Saudi Arabia vulnerable to an earthquake?


Saudi Arabia is one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the Middle East.


Going back to the history of earthquakes in the Kingdom, seismologists assure that it was subjected to dozens of earthquakes before.


The previous earthquakes caused the destruction of buildings and monuments in the Kingdom.


Many seismologists confirmed that the interior of the earth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contains many faults that frequently cause earthquakes.

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