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Saudi Arabia launches health projects in Jazan With more than SAR 199 million

The Saudi Ministry of Health built a system of health services and facilities in the Jazan region, which cost more than 41 million riyals.

After undergoing rehabilitation, work on the Jazan General Hospital began, costing 158,904,048 riyals in total.

Construction of a health care facility

The Sabya, Budaiya, Al-Qarfi, Al-Khashabiya, and Jraiba facilities were developed through a sequence of projects worth a total of 7,557,206 riyals.

The children’s department is growing.

The development of the pediatric section of Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Hospital, which cost 2,376,176 riyals and comprised 26 beds, was also included in the projects.

Improvements to the working environment

“Developing the work environment, services for beneficiaries, and administrative offices in hospitals and departments in Jazan health, through the implementation of eight development projects for the work environment in eight hospitals and health departments, with a cost estimate of 5,442,078 riyals,” according to the project.

Development of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department

The development of the obstetrics and gynecology department at Samtah Hospital cost 20,477,883 riyals. The project includes many obstetrics and gynecological diagnostic and treatment units.

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