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Saudi Arabia hosts the 39th session of the Arab Women Committee

By : Ahmed Al-Zayla’i 

Saudi Arabia hosts the meeting of the 39th session of the Arab Women Committee today and tomorrow in Riyadh, under the umbrella of the Arab League, in the presence of ministers and heads of delegations of Arab countries and national mechanisms concerned with women and delegations from Arab and international organizations, where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia chairs the Arab Women Committee for a year.

The session witnesses the declaration of Riyadh as the capital Arab Women 2020

The activities of the session begin on its first day, with the 64th regional preparatory meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women (csw), which reviews the results of the Beijing Regional Declaration and Platform for Action after 25 years and the Beijing Regional Declaration 25+, while the second day will witness the official meeting of the Arab Women Committee at its 39th session to discuss A number of topics on the agenda, starting with a discussion of the General Secretariat activity report between the previous session and the current session, a review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Empowerment of Women in the Arab Region, in addition to following up the recommendations of the Ministerial Conference on “Enhancing the Role of Women in Arab Societies”.

Support women

The Secretary-General of the Family Affairs Council, Dr. Hala Al-Tuwaijri, stated in a statement on this occasion that the Kingdom will host the 39th session of the Arab Women Committee under the umbrella of the League of Arab States and under the slogan “Empowering Women … Development of Society”.

She noted that this hosting comes and the Kingdom is witnessing many reforms related to the path of empowering women according to the Kingdom’s ambitious vision 2030 It has had a direct impact on the support and empowerment of Saudi women at various levels through the many decisions and legislation supporting her career and strengthen its position.

Al-Tuwaijri indicated that this meeting will witness the launch of Riyadh as the capital of Arab women for 2020 under the slogan “Women is a homeland and ambition” in addition to the Saudi presidency of the G20, and the subsequent meetings that confirm the international role played by the Kingdom at all levels.

What has been achieved for women?

Control of underage marriage

The legislative bodies have approved 10 procedures for controlling the marriage of minors, after the Ministry of Justice made proposals in this regard; among them is “limiting permission to marry those who are seventeen and under to the competent court, and that the request for marriage is submitted by the girl or her legal guardian in marriage Or her mother. “

Services and guardianship for women without the consent of her guardian

Under the guidance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, women were given the right to access services without the guardian’s consent, unless there was a legal basis for this request.

Sports in girls’ schools

The Minister of Education issued a decision to start implementing the physical education program in girls ’schools, starting from the next academic year 1438/1439 AH, so that the program will be implemented in accordance with Shariah guidelines and gradually, according to the capabilities available in each school, until the creation of sports halls in girls’ schools, and the provision of competencies Qualified female humanity.

Alimony fund

The Cabinet agreed to organize the alimony fund for divorcees and children; it will be linked directly to the Ministry of Justice, and the fund will have an independent budget, which aims to support the beneficiaries without delay.

The first official spokeswoman for the Saudi embassy in Washington

On Tuesday, the Saudi embassy in Washington appointed Fatima Baashen as her spokesperson as the first woman to hold this position in the history of Saudi diplomacy.

System of harassment

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques instructed the Minister of Interior to prepare a draft system to combat harassment, and to remove it within sixty days, due to the seriousness and negative effects of harassment on the individual, family, and society, and its contradiction with our prevailing religious values ​​and customs, and the importance of enacting a system that criminalizes and determines the necessary penalties that are categorically prevented Such acts.

Allowing women to enter football fields

Women opened a new chapter in the history of Saudi football stadiums, as they were allowed to attend football matches for the first time in the kingdom’s history.

Women’s Diploma in Law

The Ministry of Justice approved a 3-year law diploma that ends with the granting of a trainee or trainee a license to practice the legal profession, since the programs offered by some attorneys are not related to a scientific methodology or professional training, and because of the financial waste and time for attorneys and female trainee lawyers and assigning them to perform tasks not related to the profession and granting a large number Of the women lawyers are cheap, as they numbered about 244 women so far.

Women driving

Traffic signs and instructions that address women and men for the first time on the streets of the Kingdom.

The first women’s department in the Ministry of Justice

Cabinet approval of the entry of the female component into the new structure of the Ministry of Justice, which was formally approved, by creating a women’s administration for the first time in the history of the ministry, and assigning to women, the “Notaries” a number of tasks by licensing 57 women to perform services around the clock Like a number of “documents,” their trusted colleagues.

20% women’s participation in the workforce

The rate of Saudi women’s participation in the workforce increased from about 17.4 percent in 2017 to 19.6 percent in 2018. This came in a seminar within the Janadriyah 33 event.

Women Empowerment Agency

In keeping with the requirements of Saudi Arabia’s vision, the Ministry of Civil Service established the Women Empowerment Agency, to focus on empowering women in the public sector and enhancing its leadership role in it.

Send scholarships for tourism

The General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage sent 474 scholarships abroad, as part of its plan to send about 1,200 girls to study specializations serving the Saudi tourism sector.

Women enter the Shura Council

The formation of the Shura Council in 2013, 30 women were appointed to the council for the first time in the history of the Kingdom, and the royal order stipulated allocating 20% ​​of the council seats to women, and the royal order clarified that the decision was taken in consultation with scholars, and they determine the way women participate in the council, which enjoys an advisory capacity Especially, explaining that a portion of the hall will be allocated to them, and a separate entrance will be assigned to them.

Women in the economy

40% of the percentage of what women own in family wealth is estimated at $ 185 billion.

10.5 billion dollars, the rate of increase of Saudi women’s wealth expected in 2020.

100 billion riyals investments of Saudi businesswomen outside the Kingdom.

41% is the proportion of women in the Gulf population, the percentage of female workers is 16%, and Saudi women’s investments have made progress over their counterparts in the “Gulf Cooperation Council” countries, which amount to about $ 300 billion, and a report by the British Bank “Gatehouse” estimated the share of Saudi women about 100 billion dollars.

20% of women’s control of capital in Saudi mutual funds, and they own 33% of financial intermediation institutions, and 40% of family companies, according to the latest statistics, Saudi women control approximately $ 210 billion of movable and immovable wealth from real estate, stocks, and bonds Other fortunes and 80% of women manage their money assets.

Saudi businesswomen own 1500 companies, which constitutes 3.4% of the total registered projects in the Kingdom.

There are 5500 commercial records, 20% for women’s commercial projects, within the sectors of retail trade, contracting, wholesale, and manufacturing industries.

8 million, the number of women’s accounts in Saudi banks.

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