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Saudi Arabia condemns terrorist bombings in Aden

The terrorist blast that targeted the Aden International Airport’s gate, killing and wounded hundreds, was denounced by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the “strongest and harshest” terms early Sunday.

“This terrorist act, which the forces of evil are behind, is directed not only against the legitimate Yemeni government, but also against the brotherly Yemeni people with all of its spectrums and political components, who seek security, peace, stability, and prosperity at a time when the forces of darkness stand in the way of achieving their aspirations,” it said.

Foreign Ministry condemns Aden Airport Attack

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the despicable terrorist explosion that struck the Aden International Airport’s main entrance, killing and injuring scores of people.

The ministry emphasized “the kingdom’s sympathy and support for Yemen and the Yemenis, as it has been since day one,” and urged all parties to finish the execution of the Riyadh Agreement to join ranks, combat terrorism, establish security and stability, and rebuild their state.

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