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Saudi Arabia clarifies its attitude on the Sahara issue

Saudi Arabia expressed its support for Morocco’s attempts to find a “realistic political solution” to the Sahara conflict, as well as the plan to “create autonomy in the region.”

According to the official Saudi “SPA” news agency, Abdullah Al-Mouallimi, the Kingdom’s permanent representative to the UN, expressed his country’s support for “the efforts made by the Kingdom of Morocco” in a speech delivered on behalf of the Arab Group during the general debate of the Fourth Committee of the 76th session of the General Assembly.

Under the supervision of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, to find a realistic political solution to the Moroccan Sahara issue based on consensus and applicable Security Council resolutions.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supports the initiative of autonomy in the Moroccan Sahara within the framework of Morocco’s sovereignty and the unity of its national territory as a solution that complies with international law, the UN Charter, Security Council
and General Assembly resolutions,” Al-Mouallimi stated.

This proposal has been endorsed by the Security Council in resolutions issued since 2007, as well as by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has welcomed the participation of elected representatives from the Moroccan Sahara in C24 Committee meetings and two round tables in Geneva.

Al-Mouallimi praised the holding of the two round tables, which included the Kingdom of Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, and the Polisario Front, and called for “continuing this approach to solutions to end this long-running conflict,” as well as “expressing the Kingdom’s welcome for the appointment of Staffan de Mistura as the UN Secretary-new General’s envoy for the Moroccan Sahara.”

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