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Saudi Arabia calls for an extraordinary meeting of the OIC on Afghanistan

Saudi Arabia has requested that the Ministerial Council convene an exceptional meeting to review the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and to help provide a proper humanitarian response, according to the Saudi Arabian government (SPA).

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has proposed to host this summit on 5/13/1443 AH, which corresponds to December 17, 2021 AD, and the Kingdom is looking forward to it.

The Afghan people are experiencing a major humanitarian catastrophe, which is expected to deteriorate as winter approaches. Hundreds of thousands of Afghans, especially the elderly, women, and children, are in desperate need of food, medication, and shelter.

The possibility of the state’s economic collapse and worsening living circumstances would not only be a human tragedy, but it will also lead to further instability in Afghanistan, as well as grave ramifications for regional and worldwide peace and security.

The Kingdom further expects that this conference will provide a chance to stress the significance of Afghanistan’s stability and security, as well as its sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as to oppose foreign involvement in the country and to reject and battle terrorism in all forms.

The kingdom wants to make sure that Afghan lands aren’t used as a haven for terrorist and extremist groups, and it’s urging the interim government to keep all factions in Afghanistan under control while adhering to international charters and norms, respecting human rights and women’s right to education and work, and adhering to Islamic Sharia’s teachings and principles.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia invites OIC member states, as well as invited non-member nations and international organizations, to actively participate in the special ministerial meeting to crystallize and organize a unified Islamic humanitarian effort to assist the Afghan people.

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