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Saudi Arabia allows these categories only to enter its land ports

By Marwa Mahmoud

General Directorate of Passports in Saudi Arabia allowed entry to male and female citizens, their non-Saudi family members (their husbands, wives, sons, and daughters) and domestic workers residing in the kingdom accompanying them, who wished to return to the Kingdom through the land ports of neighboring countries directly.

The Passport Office clarified that this is part of the application of the Directives in order to do so, with a pledge to apply the required precautionary and preventive steps.

General Directorate of Passports stated that citizens wishing to return to the Kingdom through the land ports must attach documents that prove the relationship of kinship for those accompanying them (non-Saudis) to obtain prior approval before their arrival at the port

The approval is optained by entering the “Absher” platform for electronic services.Then my services – public services – letters and requests – passports – the arrival of companions – choosing one of the arrival ports (Khafji, Al-Raqi, Al-Batha, or King Fahd Bridge), in the first stage.

It indicated that the rest of the land ports will be added in the second phase in coordination with the National Information Center.

Passports emphasized the necessity to bring a PCR examination certificate for non-Saudis with a negative result from Corona virus (Covid 19) and it should not be more than 48 hours ago.

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