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Pictures … stunning views in turquoise beach in western Saudi Arabia

By Marwa Mahmoud

The white sandy beach of Amalaj is dotted with 104 pearl-like islands in the middle of the Red Sea.

This area is renowned for its distinctive geographical location and its wonderful maritime environment, which has made it a destination for leisure in Saudi Arabia, away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

Photographer Muhammad al-Sharif captured the picturesque view of the turquoise sea shore, the most popular beach in the governorate of Umluj (Northwestern Saudi Arabia).

In an interview with, Al-Sharif said, “I admired the turquoise beaches, the white sands and the virgin islands that are vibrant with life, far from the techniques of modern life. The governorate of Umluj is situated on the coast of the Red Sea between Al-Wajh in the north and Yanbu in the south.

He added that the beaches of Umluj “are today considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia and the region due to the potential for natural tourism they enjoy in all seasons of the year.”

He stressed that the Amlaj Islands are distinguished by a remarkable environmental diversity, some of which are marine nature reserves rich in marine life, and others have settled in a large number of birds.

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