Saudi Arabia Aims to Expand Air Traffic to Over 25 destinations

Saudi Arabia aims to boost its air connectivity by increasing its air traffic to over 250 destinations by 2030. This comes as part of the national aviation strategy that the Kingdom is implementing across its 29 airports and two global centers in Jeddah and Riyadh.

The Vision

Abdullah Al-Daejilj, the head of the General Authority of Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia, confirmed the Kingdom’s plans during his participation in the Saudi-Brazilian International Aviation Conference. He highlighted the potential in Latin America’s logistic sector, which consists of 21 countries, and contributes to integrating the region and connecting it with global supply chains. This opens the door for increased cooperation and trade between the Kingdom and Latin America, fostering additional interconnectivity and collaboration.

“Our goal is to create a more interconnected world, and our national aviation strategy is a key part of this ambition.” – Abdullah Al-Daejilj.

The Strategy

The strategy involves expanding Saudi Arabia’s air connectivity to more than 250 destinations by 2030. The Kingdom is developing its aviation infrastructure, with a particular focus on its 29 airports and two global centers.

  1. Jeddah: As one of the global centers, Jeddah’s airport plays a critical role in the national aviation strategy. The city is a key gateway to the Kingdom. It is being developed as a major hub for international air travel.
  2. Riyadh: Riyadh, is also being developed as a global center for air travel as part of the Kingdom’s aviation strategy.

The Benefits

The expansion of air traffic to over 250 destinations will bring numerous benefits to Saudi Arabia. These include:

  • Increased Tourism: With better connectivity, the Kingdom can expect to attract more tourists from around the world.
  • Economic Growth: The increase in air traffic is expected to stimulate economic growth, creating jobs and boosting the country’s GDP.
  • Enhanced Trade Relations: By connecting to over 250 destinations, Saudi Arabia can foster stronger trade relations with the world.

The International Collaborations

Al-Daejilj held several bilateral meetings with Roy Costa, the President of the Presidential Office in Brazil, as well as a number of Brazilian ministers and officials. He also met with the heads of civil aviation authorities in Uruguay, the Latin Bloc, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. They explored opportunities to enhance cooperation in areas of mutual interest and ways to boost it in air transport.

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