Saudi Airlines to resume flights to Iraq within two weeks


The Minister of Commerce, the head of the Saudi side of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council, Majid Al-Qasabi,  said that the Saudi flights would go to Iraq within two weeks and that it will participate in the Baghdad exhibition next November in order to market Saudi products.


Al-Qasabi stressed that the relationship with Baghdad is at its fullest and that the political, economic, and social conditions are ready, stressing the existence of studies to open new outlets and consulates in Iraq.

Exports to Iraq

The volume of the Kingdom was estimated at nearly 4 billion riyals, which constituted a smooth increase in the trade movement between Iraq and the Jdeidet Arar border crossing.


Al-Qasabi revealed the total number of Iraqi pilgrims who entered Saudi lands, exceeded the barrier of 476,000 Iraqis, and stressed that it is necessary to serve them fully.


Mutual projects

He disclosed the existence of mutual projects in the field of (electricity, gas, education, media, and culture); This led the minister to stress the keenness of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council to develop that partnership stemming from the leadership’s keenness to serve Iraq and the Iraqis, hinting at a number of projects that are being followed up and will be announced soon.


A high-ranking Saudi delegation, headed by Al-Qasabi, will visit Iraq, in order to activate the outcomes of the meeting of Crown Prince, Prime Minister Prince Muhammad bin Salman, and Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Al-Sudani, aimed at strengthening economic relations between the two countries.


The Saudi minister had met earlier (Monday), with Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad al-Sudani and the two sides discussed activating the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council, which aims to enhance communication between the two countries at the strategic level and raise bilateral relations to new horizons in various fields.


The Council sets its sights on a number of economic, development, security, investment, tourism, cultural, and media files, in addition to enhancing joint cooperation between the two sides in important international and regional affairs, protecting common interests, and developing partnership between the private sectors in the two countries.

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