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SAUDI AIRLINES aims to add 40 aircraft to its fleet within 4 years

SAUDI AIRLINES aims to add 40 aircraft to its fleet within 4 years

SAUDI AIRLINES aims to increase the size of its fleet by about 40 aircraft within the next 3-4 years; This is part of its strategy to expand international networks in a new phase based on digital transformation.


The size of the current fleet of Saudi Arabian Airlines is approximately 144 aircraft; Its flights reach more than 100 global destinations, and the fleet size is expected to reach 184 aircraft over the next 4 years.


Ibrahim bin Abdulrahman Al-Omar, Director General of the General Organization of Saudi Arabian Airlines, said that the group owns one of the most modern fleets of airlines in Egypt and the world, and is working to increase its size will reflect positively on the travel experience of customers.


During his speech at a ceremony held Sunday, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of operating the first Saudi Airlines flights between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Al-Omar indicated that the group started in September of last year a new start towards a bright future entitled “Sparkling” through the transformation strategy 2024.


He explained that the launch of the strategy comes intending to keep pace with the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030; To develop the aviation industry in Saudi Arabia, through an integrated group of companies to serve this vital sector.


Al-Omar indicated that the group works through its system of companies specialized in the field of aviation, air transport, and various services to contribute to achieving these goals, providing the best air transport services internationally and internally, and expanding freight and logistics services.


He revealed the establishment of the largest maintenance village in the Middle East and North Africa through one of the companies of the Saudi Engineering and Aviation Industry Group; To provide services that will only be available to the manufacturers of aviation and its major parts.

The Director General of the Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation said that the new maintenance village will directly contribute to providing technical services to airlines in the Middle East. Which will reflect positively on its costs and time efficiency.

Al-Omar drew attention to the group’s interest in the human cadre, which is the capital of successful companies, pointing out that the Prince Sultan Aviation Academy offers specialized programs and training and qualification courses, which will contribute to providing the region’s companies with qualified cadres to develop their operations.

He stressed that Egypt, since the establishment of Saudi Airlines, has been and will remain at the forefront of its priorities, saying: “It is not just an international destination, but a major station and a strategic relationship, and it ranks first in terms of numbers of flights and guests.”


He mentioned that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has established the Al Fursan Terminal at Cairo Airport, the only international terminal outside the country, and has also established an independent catering unit in Cairo, managed by qualified Egyptians.

The Director General of the General Organization of Saudi Arabian Airlines concluded his speech by thanking the group’s partners in Egypt who contributed to it strengthening the lines of communication between the two countries.


In March 2021, the Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation signed a financing agreement with 6 local banks, worth SAR 11.2 billion ($3 billion), to increase its aircraft fleet.

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