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Saudi Acting Information Minister stresses the importance of the media in directing global policies

His Excellency the Acting Saudi Minister of Information, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Radio and Television Corporation in Riyadh, sponsored the opening of the meetings of the 41st session of the work of the General Assembly of the Arab States Broadcasting Union.

In a speech delivered on this occasion, His Excellency welcomed the participating delegations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, appreciating their presence and their interaction with the meetings of the forty-first session of the General Assembly, the 106th meeting of the Executive Council of the Arab States Broadcasting Union.

His Excellency indicated the importance of the media’s pivotal role in guiding global policies and decision-making, which confirms the importance of teamwork to keep abreast of developments, and to benefit from digital technologies in delivering communication messages to the world.

Al-Harthy CEO of the Radio and Television Authority said in his speech that the world is living today in the era of digital transformation, which opened new horizons and great challenges at the same time, the most prominent of which is the public’s tendency to digital platforms that swept and benefited from the Corona crisis and became dominating the scene.

Al-Harthy indicated that these factors contribute to the imperative to re-understand the roles of the media, which at the same time calls for understanding the public.

The elected president of the Arab States Broadcasting Union stated that the success of any media organization lies in the success of creating content that is related to the locality and is committed to credibility and professionalism.

He indicated that the next direction of the union will be towards investing in training and building cadres that understand and lead the path of digital transformation, praising at the same time the main title of the symposium of the union meeting, which took the title “Arab media dealing with global digital media.”

After his speech, Muhammad Al-Harthy said: The follower of the march of the Arab Radio Union, which extends for more than 50 years, stands before it with admiration as one of the most successful institutions of joint Arab action.

The Arab States Broadcasting Union announced the inauguration of the CEO of the Radio and Television Authority, Muhammad bin Fahd Al-Harthy, as president of the union for the next two years.

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