Sattam Univ. Students Excel in Technology Field



Female students at Prince Sattam University excelled in the field of technology and information. They won in the Software AG Future Disruptors Program competition. They achieved the first place in two tracks.

Their participation in the competition included innovative projects in the information technology field. Their projects were distinguished by creativity and innovation.

It also included solving real problems in various fields and they won the logistics and supply chain track. Students Rayouf Al-Enezi, Nujoud Al-Enezi, Sama Al-Othman, and Layan Al-Omari won first place for their innovative project that helps improve the efficiency of logistics services and supply chains.

In the tourism and entertainment track, students Reem Al-Jazami, Rima Al-Harbi, and Fatima Al-Subaie won first place.  Their innovative project provides advanced technical solutions to develop the tourism and entertainment sector.


Information and Technology Field in KSA


The Information and Technology (IT) field in Saudi Arabia has been rapidly growing in recent years. In addition, the government is putting emphasis on the need for a digital transformation and innovation.

As a result, the country has seen a surge in IT investments, infrastructure development, and job opportunities for IT professionals.

One of the factors that helped in the IT growth is Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 plan. It aims to diversify the country’s economy and reduce its dependence on oil revenues.  Accordingly, the government has been investing heavily in building a knowledge-based economy with a focus on developing the IT sector.

As a result of increasing adoption of cloud services by businesses and organizations, the cloud computing sector became another area of growth. Therefore, companies started to invest  in training and hiring IT professionals with skills in cloud computing to help them navigate the complexities of the cloud environment.

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