SAFF President Signs Contract with Mancini as New Coach of the Saudi Football Team

The President of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation Yasser Al-Mis’hal signed in Riyadh this evening a contract assigning Italian coach Roberto Mancini to take over the leadership of the coaching staff of the first Saudi national football team until 2027.


In a press conference following the signing ceremony, Al-Mis’hal attributed the delay of selecting a new coach and reaching agreement with him to ensuring accuracy, attention, and availability of the required standards in the Saudi national team’s coach during the next stage, especially in light of the great renaissance that football is witnessing in line with the aspirations of the leadership of the Kingdom, generously supporting the sports sector, similar to the various sectors, in addition to the aspirations of the Saudi football fans and supporters.



For his part, Mancini expressed happiness with the hospitality he received upon his arrival in the Kingdom, noting the plans and goals of the Football Federation that are set to keep pace with the next stage, especially with regard to the first national team, stressing the need to work with his team, as well as the Football Federation to achieve goals that are worthy of the name of the Saudi national team.

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