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Russia’s Lavrov says 3rd World War would be Nuclear & Destructive

“The 3rd world war would be nuclear and devastating,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday.

According to the Russian Information Agency, Lavrov said that if a third global war breaks out, nuclear weapons will be employed and immense destruction will result.

Russia, which launched a “special military operation” against Ukraine, last week, would be in “danger” if Kyiv gained nuclear weapons, according to Lavrov.

Lavrov said, according to the Russian news agency “TASS,” that Russia will not allow Ukraine to acquire nuclear weapons.

Ukraine has also been accused of postponing talks with Russia “because of Washington,” according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

This comes after Russian forces entered Ukrainian territory last week in what Moscow called a “special operation to disarm” Kyiv, a reason that Ukraine and the West have rejected.

In a similar development, Russia’s Foreign Ministry announced that Moscow “will continue to insist that NATO not expand in Eastern Europe,” threatening “a direct clash with NATO.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko was quoted by the Russian “Interfax” agency as saying, Wednesday, that “potential incidents” between his nation and NATO “cannot be fully ruled out.”

He went on to say that Moscow is particularly concerned about Ukraine’s arms delivery program, saying that “everything points to a serious threat in such a circumstance.”

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