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Riyadh Initiative to establish a global anti-corruption network

In an unprecedented step, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken the lead of Riyadh’s initiative to combat corruption globally.

In June 2021, the United Nations announced the launch of the Riyadh Initiative, a global anti-corruption network linking anti-corruption agencies around the world.

The global fight against corruption

The Kingdom aims to develop a rapid tool to enhance cooperation between the authorities concerned with combating corruption, coordination with relevant international organizations, and establishing a global network of law enforcement authorities concerned with fighting corruption.

It is also working to create a secure global platform to facilitate the exchange of information between anti-corruption law enforcement authorities and launch a capacity-building program within the network for anti-corruption officials, especially in developing countries.

The follow-up to the initiative’s implementation has been entrusted to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime as the guardian of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

international welcome and Saudi support

In June 2021, during the launch of the Riyadh Initiative, the Secretary-General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, valued the Kingdom’s role in establishing a global anti-corruption network and that its success depends on a dialogue between international partners.

Fighting corruption in Saudi Arabia

For his part, Mazen Al-Kahmous, Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission in Saudi Arabia, confirmed that the Anti-Corruption Network provides the necessary tools to achieve the desired goals. 

The Kingdom has provided US$10m to establish the Global Anti-Corruption Network and the initiative came with political support from within the country and the anti-corruption ministers in the G20.

In June 2021, the Kingdom participated, with a delegation headed by the Chairman of the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority, in the inauguration of the Riyadh Initiative at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, and the international community welcomed the Riyadh Initiative.

During its presidency of the G20 in 2020, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia worked to develop and launch the initiative, believing in the importance of strengthening efforts to combat corruption internationally.

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