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Risk of serious radiation leak catastrophe in Zaporizhzhya grows: Egyptian Expert

Risk of serious radiation leak catastrophe in Zaporozhye grows: Egyptian Expert

The Egyptian political researcher, Mostafa Al-Saeed, said that the world’s attention is directed to the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant, amid fears of “serious radioactive contamination.”

Al-Saeed added in an interview with RT, “Shells are constantly raining down on the station, and every shell can lead to a nuclear disaster.”

“The world may wake up to a horrific catastrophe that destroys everything,” Al-Saeed added.

He explained that “once the cooling system or the electricity delivery network is hit in Zaporizhzhya, this can quickly lead to a radioactive leak, which quickly increases and expands to six nuclear reactors, and in the event of its reactors exploding, Ukraine and its surroundings from several European countries, in addition to Russia, will become vulnerable to dangerous radioactive contamination.”

He added that “Ukraine admitted that it had bombed the area of the station, which is under Russian control, but it has always accused Russia of being the party that bombs, and blames it for any event that occurs in it.”

“Russia has confirmed that Ukraine is the one who deliberately bombed the nuclear plant and that it has irrefutable evidence of Ukraine’s responsibility, the Ukrainian accusation against Russia lacks logic, as it is Russia that will be affected by any bombing or radioactive leak before others,” Al-Saeed added.

He pointed out that “the timing of the bombing of the station coincided with the emergence of the energy crisis in Europe.”

“Ukraine is seeking to internationalize the crisis, to regain control of the station, or at least ensure the flow of electricity from it, so that it does not turn from a country that exports electricity to an importer of it at a time when the crisis is intensifying with time,” he said.

“The battle for control of the Zaporizhzhya plant is expected to intensify with the exacerbation of the energy crisis, despite the risks of it becoming a battlefield that could destroy all parties,” Al-Saeed added.

He added that Russia considered the report of the Atomic Energy Agency, which was issued on Tuesday evening, as biased towards the Ukrainian party or its allies, and rejects it completely. Rather, it does not intend to discuss it with any party. The station has been under Russian control since the first week of the war and has been operating normally and safely.

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