Red Sea International Airport: Perfect Gateway to Saudi Arabia

The Red Sea International Airport is the first carbon-neutral airport in the Middle East. It uses innovative sustainability solutions in all operations to eliminate carbon emissions, improve energy consumption, and enhance efficiency in resource and waste management.

The airport uses local materials during the design stages and incorporating other elements, such as 100% renewable energy. It aims to meet minimum LEED certification standards,and reducing light pollution to meet “dark sky” guidelines.

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Located in Hanak, Tabuk, Northwestern Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea International Airport is central to the country’s major tourism projects. These include the Red Sea Project and Amaala. It is the closest to one of the most beautiful destinations distinguished by its charming terrain, golden beaches, and picturesque marine environment.

Foster + Partners, a British architectural firm, designed the airport. It opened in 2023 and aims to serve one million passengers by 2030.

Red Sea International Airport, Saudi Arabia

Near coastal lagoons and islands, the airport boosts the area’s accessibility and appeal. It uniquely supports amphibious seaplanes, enhancing its versatility.

The airport is renowned for its advanced facilities and modern design. In 2023, it won the “Leading New Airport in the World” award at the World Travel Awards.

It received the first international flight operated by the Emirates airline “Flydubai”, coming from “Dubai International Airport”, on Thursday, April 18, reported Al Arabiya.

The airport is not just a travel hub but a gateway to Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural and natural heritage. Its strategic location and cutting-edge facilities make it an ideal starting point for tourists to explore the country’s diverse landscapes and cultural offerings.

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